8 thoughts on “End of Season Questions

  1. Hiro Alato says:

    my argument for why 02 is better is as follows armadimon due to the fact armadillos are good little creatures that is all

  2. Riku Reimei says:

    02 is certainly the better of two evils, at least it had some good parts to it, Frontier meanwhile is a raging dumpster fire.

  3. Glitchgoat says:

    Frontier was at least consistent and had an idea of what it was doing throughout, even if the idea wasn’t always great.
    02, meanwhile, has the problem of constant plot cul-de-sacs and blatant slap-a-bandaid-on-it retconning.
    Also, Frontier doesn’t have 02’s epilogue, so it wins by default.

  4. Jason says:

    Frontier is better than 02. Like I don’t even dislike either of them but Frontier at least has a consistent plot and with the exception of the Royal Knights arc is actually decent. 02 on the other hand is less consistent and while I don’t hate it I’m not really a fan of it either. The Digimon Emporer arc is the best of it and even then it’s dragged out too long. It does have the epilogue going for it but the fact it never led to a 03 (Tri doesn’t count.) focusing on the kids of the Adventure/02 cast takes away from how great the epilogue is. Overall I’d be way more willing to rewatch Frontier than I would 02 if I had to.

  5. Chakmon says:

    Of the two, Zero Two had a better storyline. Both Frontier and 02 had interesting settings (Giga House!!) but I liked the kids from Frontier more, overall… hard to choose. But 02 had a more consistent story, Frontier’s was horrible.

  6. 52bluey says:

    I thought 02 had interesting ideas, it had some ambition. After the Kaiser arc it just fell apart into so many different directions.

  7. wildwing64 says:

    For all my frustrations with Zero Two, none of them will top the entirety of Frontier being a slow, boring, soulless trainweck.

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