Digimon Podcast Novel 4 - I'm Styling, Dude!

Digimon Podcast Novel 4 – I’m Styling, Dude!

digimon podcast novel 4
Novel 4 – I’m Styling, Dude!

Digimon Podcast Novel 4 – Start of Book 1 Chapter 2

May reads the English translation of the first part of Chapter 2 Book 1 of the Digimon Adventure Novel. This time we meet ‘nice’ Digimon such as Unimon and Leomon.

In addition, Jou is fearless.

Also if you’re wondering why the episode is called ‘I’m Styling, Dude’ – in the English dub of Episode 8 of Digimon Adventure, Greymon says it.


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Thanks again to Onkei for providing such a fantastic translation!

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Digimon Podcast Novel 4

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