Digimon Ghost Game Episode Episode 10 "Game of Death"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode Episode 10 “Game of Death”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 10th episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

Finally, what appears to be a Kiyoshiro episode – will we finally get another adult evolution?

Digimon Ghost Game Episode Episode 10 “Game of Death”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode Episode 10 "Game of Death"

A man is playing a VR game and gets sucked into the game. Hiro is hearing about this rumour from his friend. Kiyohsiro tells them off but Jellymon reveals he was hooked on the game until the rumour started.

While they are talking, Kotaro is attacked and Hiro and Kiyoshiro watch his friend being sucked into his computer.

Hiro tells Ruri about this and I love how Ruri has a VLC clone on her computer. Hiro gets a mail from Bokomon and the group meet up.

Jellymon says that Kiyoshiro should play the game to get the bottom of it but he is scarred. Bokomon explains that this is because Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon, who are siblings and the victims are being absorbed into the liqor in Ginkakumon’s vase.

Hiro gets Kiyohsiro to play and he has a great gaming setup, Kinkakumon shows up and Jellymon inserts herself into the game via USB. Kinkakumon is impressed by Jellymon and Kiyoshiro and then Kinkakumon comes out of the computer screen and Kiyoshiro does a phase shift thing.

Gammamon evolves to BetelGammamon to fight Ginkakumon to rescue his friend while Kinkakumon and Jellymon fight. Kiyoshiro is unconcious and Jellymon is crying because they are strong together and she’s sad. She electrocutes him awake.

Jellymon evolves to TeslaJellymon and they actually win a battle and Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon accept defeat. Ginkakumon wishes he got to have a sip of the human liquor.

Bokomon explains that you can buy liquor and Hiro says that she’ll give them the Dad’s stash. Kinkakumon says she wants to challenge them again

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 10 Review

Digimon Ghost Game Episode Episode 10 "Game of Death"

Rating for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 9


Yes! Finally! Evolutions!

While I loved this episode, I’m starting to feel like GG has a problem will all episodes: a strong start, but a very sudden finish. However, that makes me feel like it doesn’t suit a 20 minute format.

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