Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 "Red Eye"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 “Red Eye”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 43rd episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

From the preview, this looks kinda haunting, so let’s see how creepy this episode can truly be in practice!

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 “Red Eye”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 "Red Eye"

The girl at the start seems to be like the one from the Morphmon episode? She finds a computer virus and then gets taken over by eyes and it’s horrifying.

Then a girl named Emma is excited by Japanese toilets and then is taken over by something dark and gets eye torture.

Kiyo worries about a girl he knows who is a busy body, who they then meet with, but she’s overdressed and acts weird, she then goes to the bathroom and has eyes over her body which she picks at?

Eyesmon appears to be getting information via various busy bodies and is controlled by the girl from the start? I kinda want Emma and Ruli to be best friends. Ruli shows them the eyes that are appearing on people, apparently it crumbles people to pieces once done. Emma freaks out, understandably.

Eyesmon comes out of her body and Emma has less memory of what happened. This episode is just really gross and graphic with the eyes. They trap Eyesmon in the shade and then they fight, because of course they do. Emma gets taken to the digital realm too because of her being linked to a Digimon.

They need light so they get CanonWeismon again to solve the episode, though TeslaJellymon does get the finishing blow.

Emmamon gets to learn about the Digimon and Emma goes to kiss him but Jellymon blocks it.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 Review

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 43 "Red Eye"

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