Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 "Contagion Island"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 “Contagion Island”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 39th episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

Another anniversary Digimon makes its appearance, by will it be friend or for?

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 “Contagion Island”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 "Contagion Island"

We get thrown straight into the episode where we have a human turning into something and the group are dealing with a Digimon called Gyukimon who says he is Ryudamon and that he knows Hiro’s father. Digimon that lose to Gyukimon in a fight become Gyukimon. The group are then on a boat to an island.

Gyukimon is pretty cool but he’s so tiny. Gyukimon goes missing when they get to the island. The gurl gets bitten by Gyukimon and then we see what Hiro saw at the start of the episode. Hiro’s friend who I hate then gets bitten by Gyukimon too. The human Gyukimon hybrids are horrifying.

They contact Bakumon who says that they’re stupid. THEY CALL AIRDRAMON! Gammamon wants to rescue Ryudamon. Which I wish I knew why. We get some evolutions but more importantly we get to see Airdramon again. Bakumon asks about how they return to their prior forms after evolution. They’re going to revert Ryudamon using the Digivice.

Gammamon goes inside Gyukimon and finds Ryudamon sleeping. They then use the Digivice to sync. Bakumon returns all the other characters back to human.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 Review

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 39 "Contagion Island"

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