Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 "Wall Crawlers"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 “Wall Crawlers”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 34th episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

More creepy crawly monster of the week!

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 “Wall Crawlers”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 "Wall Crawlers"

A girl is sleeping and gets attacked by something that turns her into a lizard person. Meanwhile Gammamon sees a Gecko and Hiro cleans the house. That night Hiro sees the gecko girl and recognises her as a friend of his called Nanami. The parents are worried when Hiro comes to visit.

The group follow her at night and they see that there are a lot of human geckos who are breaking into places and stealing rings and giving them to a Salamandermon.

Ruri then becomes a gecko. Kiyoshiro tells the group about a diamond shipment because of his work and sends an anonymous tip about a heist.

Salamandermon is eating the diamonds to become more beautiful and Kiyoshiro realises that the diamons weren’t swapped for fakes. Gammamon evolves into BetelGammamon because fire against fire is good.

Kiyoshiro tries to change the area to weaken the geckos but it doesn’t work. TeslaJellymon is able to knock them out by electrocuting them. BetelGammamon extinguishes the explosion with science.

Salamander says he won’t steal but he’s still wanting to eat so Hiro promises to give him old pencils because of the graphite. 

The analyser is about Salamandermon.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 Review

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 34 "Wall Crawlers"

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