Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 "The Maneater's Forest"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 “The Maneater’s Forest”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 16th episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

Ghost Game continues the trend of horror judging by the preview for this episode!

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 “The Maneater’s Forest”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 "The Maneater's Forest"

A camper is running through a very scary forest complete with scary trees and is attacked and merges into a tree.

Meanwhile Hiro is going camping at a campsite alone and learns that campers are leaving without paying and may be being spirited away.

Hiro and Gammamon go fishing and Gammamon LOVES camping and wants to fish after watching Hiro fish.

Hiro remembers talking to his friend over how many evolutions Gammamon has and wonders if him and GulusGammamon are the same. Glad they’re finally addressing it.

Two men with chainsaws are attacked, one starts attacking with a chainsaw against the trees. Hiro’s friends learn that Hiro went camping. I’m suprised he didn’t tell them.

Hiro and Gammamon get attacked by the woods and find a Mori Shellmon and a Cherrymon. The Cherrymon attacks but is rescued by the Mori Shellmon.

Another Digimon who has barely appeared in anything! A Shellmon colour variant. MoriShellmon says that this is his forest and Hiro asks how he hasn’t been spotted and MoriShellmon shows that he can turn into his hologram form.

MoriShellmon explains that Cheerrymon keeps eating people and he’s trying to save them by keeping them in his fog.

MoriShellmon says if Hiro doesn’t help him get rid of Cherrymon he’ll keep them in his fog forever.

Gammamon evolves to BetelGammamon and MoriShellmon says to burn Cherrymon up, but Hiro remembers how GulusGammamon was so okay with killing.

The rest of the group show up and evolve to TeslaGammamon and SymbareAngoramon. Cherrymon wants to eat Digimon now too and says that he’s drolling.

MoriShellmon tells Hiro to stop being soft and the group attack off his arms so Cherrymon retreats.

The missing campers are returned and the rest of the group want to camp.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 Review

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16 "The Maneater's Forest"

Rating for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 16


We had some danger and horror, and the episode was paced well and a few things were addressed that needed to be addressed, but overall nothing much happened.

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