Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 "Chain Letter"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 “Chain Letter”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 12th episode of Digimon Ghost Game)!

Opening thoughts

Looks like we’re back to mon of the week, but this one, judging by the preview, just feels a little different?

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 “Chain Letter”

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 "Chain Letter"

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 Review

Characters are getting chain letters and a guy deletes the email because he doesn’t want to spread misinformation. Kiyoshiro gets one and tries to delete it but is attacked by Zassoumon. Jellymon is actually terrified and Kiyoshiro runs to Hiro and has bites on his hand. Hiro then gets the spam and Gammamon destroys Hiro’s phone.

Ruri gets the chain letter too and deletes it, which also sends the mail to her friends and Zassoumon attack. We learn that Zassoumon grows by drinking water. Jellymon is scared of them because she looks like she’s made of water.

Jellymon says that she’s seen huge ones in the Digital World. This is definetly the most wide spread a hologram ghost attack has been.

Kiyoshiro gets blamed because ‘sending spam sounds like something he’d do’.

Ruri goes to Bokomon for help. Bokomon says that deleting the email causes the virus. Gammamon doesn’t want the world to end because he won’t be able to have chocolate. Kiyohsiro shifts to the lake field and says they should take advantage of the field to get rid of the Zassomon and clear his name.

The Zassoumon are able to combine. Jellymon evolves to TeslaJellymon to get revenge. Hiro can’t decide what form to Gammamon is best and isn’t sure which one he’d evolve to but Gammamon says that he’ll do his best no matter what and there’s no time to hessitate. So Gammamon evolves to WezenGammamon.

They fight, but then an older Zassoumon shows up and apologises for letting them get loose and it won’t happen again but then he has a really suspicious face.

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12 "Chain Letter"

Rating for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 12


I need to stop predicting when we will and won’t get evolution episodes.

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