Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 “The End of the Adventure”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 “The End of the Adventure”

Following on from last week’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 67th episode of Digimon Adventure: (2020)!

Opening thoughts

It’s the great Digimon Adventure: finale and I can’t believe that we’re still calling this series ‘colon’ as ‘Digimon Adventure Psi’ was the superior title.

Now to finally get the answer to one of life’s greatest questions: How will Omegamon Alter S show up?

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 “The End of the Adventure”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 “The End of the Adventure”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 Review

Omegamon is flying through a tube and there are a bunch of Eyesmon, but they’re not being attacked. Taichi says that Negamon is waiting for them. They descend to meet Lilith, I mean, Negamon’s real body.

At least this villain speaks and looks pretty cool, We get shots of children watching on their phones. The other chosen are fighting the outside of Negamon. Koushiro wonders if Negamon’s body is lagging because of the fight and they wonder if they can slow it down by fighting it. Omegamon can fire from his shoulders which must be new.

Taichi and Yamato keep calling out each other’s names like they’re in control which has fairly cool implications. Omegamon pierces Negamon who bites down on the sword. The other children start cheering out in response to Negamon’s chanting and their crests glow.

All the crests combine and Omegamon gets a second sword arm briefly, and then gets a second cannon arm. We then get Alter S without actually seeing CresGarurumon and BlitzGreymon again. They then slice Negamon like an onion and then he becomes Omegamon again.

Negamon becomes an egg and Omegamon says they’ll meet again. Taichi is then floating with some 0s and 1s and reunites with Agumon, as does Yamato and Gabumon, and the rest of the chosen.

The Holy Digimon thank them and a bunch of eggs appear near Petaldramon’s forest. They all have a nice passing moment but we’re not mentioning Mimi and Palmon going for Avocado burgers.

Digimon like Lopmon and Garbamon are telling Digimon about the Chosen who saved the world. We see a bunch of Digimon we’ve encountered over the series. Rebelliomon and Machmon are friends and BanchoMamemon graduates.

YukimonBotamon asks what happens with the chosen after they got back home. Leomon said that they returned home, It seems the Digimon partners actually came with them?

Koshiro is building a Digital Gate with Mimi as a CEO?

We get introduced to Koromon! Koshiro says that they’ll have a new adventure one day.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67 “The End of the Adventure”

Rating for Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67


This rating means that my overall average rating for this series is….3.2/5, which seems fairly accurate, honestly.

In terms of my opinions on this episode, it was mainly just a fighting episode, I would have preferred if we had the other children also get jogressed evolutions instead of just powering up Omegamon again, but the end montage with all the kids hanging out with their Digimon was really sweet and honestly saved this episode for me.

Especially with Mimi and Koshiro working together on a Digital Gate program, which honestly leaves things open for a 02 reboot.

I’m honestly disappointed that, after Koshiro hinted at having something unusual in his home life during the series, it ended up going absolutely no where.

The episode was a fine episode, but it honestly is hurt by the fact I have issues with the series overall.

I do really like that the chosen got to have their Digimon partners stay with them and they became a new legend on their own, that was really sweet.

So what were your thoughts on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 67? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

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