Change to podcast recording schedule and an update to Patreon rewards

Our fortnightly Young Hunter coverage will now be recorded on the Thursday before release, not the Saturday morning. Meaning that;

  •  Patreon supporters pledging more than $10 a month will still get the unedited recording straight after we finish recording – they’ll just be getting it typically on a Thursday and not on a Friday (unless we record earlier).
  • A new thing! Patreon supporters pleding more than $5 a month will get the final edited version of the podcast Friday night! A full 12 hours earlier than the public!
  • There is no difference to non-Patreons – the edited episode will be uploaded at around the same time on Saturday morning, with the YouTube version being uploaded a day or so after.
Be sure to check it out if you’re a backer or check out our Patreon if you haven’t already!
You can help out the podcast and blog in the following ways:
And thank you to our supporters on Patreon; Sam Krieger, Joe, AnimeGuyKurosaki1, Chakmon, Steven Reeves, Kaida Washi, Chisai, Kyle, DaLadyBugMan, Tom, GlitchGoat, Matthew, Anthony, Lizmet, Quinn, Sithobi, Meagan, Neoboo, The Time Optimist, Nicholas, Starry, Keith (Friends and FIrelight Podcast), and Reggie!

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