ABCs of Underrated Digimon: Z is For…

It’s the last entry for my ABCs of Underrated Digimon!
So Omegamon, WarGreymon, and MetalGarurumon get a new species variation every two years, but one of my favourites seems to be mostly forgotten about by everyone!
Z is For…┬á

Z’d Gaururumon

digimon ABCs of Underrated Digimon: Z is For... ABCs of Digimon

I love the Digimon Twins. Such a nice and cute little vpet idea.I also loved Digimon Next, which featured the Twins and ZeedGarurumon in the last volume.He’s like MetalGarurumon but a little cooler and with a futuristic design and I love Robodog.

So which ‘mon starting with ‘Z’ do you ‘stan’ and feel that’s super underrated?

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What are your thoughts?