ABCs of Underrated Digimon: E is For…

E is For…

There are not that many Digimon that begin with the letter ‘E’ apparently but this big dumb-looking ‘something’ in a dinosaur suit is so cute. His sprite in the original virtual pet was adorable and his sprite in the Xros Loader toy was SO adorable.
Ex-Tyranomon is one of those Digimon that, besides being in the original virtual pets and basically every Digimon game, hasn’t even appeared as a background character in the anime. Which is unfortunate as I’d really like to see this little guy animated.
His design is mysterious, he reminds me of DigiTamamon in the way that it’s apparent that the Digimon is some other Digimon inside a shell. Maybe it’s whatever Wisemon is?
In any case, he’s cute, he’s scary, he’s pink. What’s not to love?

What’s your favourite Digimon that starts with E?

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