ABCs of Underrated Digimon: C is for…

C is for…

You know what’s great? Agumon and Agumon species variations. You have Agumon, the cute, friendly, hungry, excited, little mascot of the franchise and give him a paint job and add something wacky to him; Father Christmas hat, lab coat, Assault rifle and bullet proof vest.
Goddamit do I love Commandramon. He looks just so excited! About guns!
Yeah, sure he’s been in Digimon Next and Digimon Xros Wars as part of the enemy armies, but nobody ever talks about his design! It’s the most Digimon thing. Digimon is where you take a real animal and strap things (mainly metal and guns) to it and Commandramon is a Digimon that has things strapped to it! It’s a Digimonified (Digimodified?) Digimon!
Sadly his evolution isn’t just giving Greymon, MetalGreymon and WarGreymon assault weapons but, my god, would that be too perfect.
Despite Commandramon not including ‘Agumon’ in his name, he’s very clearly just an Agumon with army training.
There are tons of cool looking Digimon that start with the letter C but I feel like if I didn’t pick Commandramon I’d be lying to myself and everyone reading this blog.
Just look at him! So excited!

So what’s your most underrated Digimon starting with the letter ‘C’?

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