ABCs of Underrated Digimon: A is for…

I think a lot about different Digimon that I’m a big fan of but then I wonder why there’s not a lot of love for them so I thought I’d do an A-Z series where I list my favourite underrated Digimon.
Starting with A, which is for….

Naturally, of course, I pick Airdramon. Airdramon is one of my favourite Digimon, the colour, the hair, the strength, the nostalgia!
As a child I was first introduced to Digimon, as I’ve mentioned countless times, with the virtual pets as the show wasn’t really that popular here and I spent countless hours upon hours reading information about each Digimon and one of the ones that always came to mind was Airdramon. I was always trying to work out why my Digimon wouldn’t evolve to it (for some reason, information on the version 2 vpet was scarce and all I could find was information about the version 1 so I assumed that there was only one version).
Then when I played Digimon World and Digimon World 2003 on the PlayStation I would often come across Airdramon and his recolours and there was just something about him which made me completely intrigued by this Digimon.
Airdramon is also not used that often in the show considering its one of the Digimon in the first version of the virtual pet – we see hoards die and be used as transport in 02 and every season they seem to be more or less background features – “Hey look! Flying snake! This world is wacky!”

What’s your favourite most underrated Digimon starting with the letter ‘A’?

No, Agumon is not underrated.
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