ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: Y is For…

Home stretch of dumb Digimon designs!

I really didn’t want to choose this one and really want to preface this with “but I love him”…

 Y is For…


digimon ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: Y is For... ABCs of Digimon

Yes, another fan design Digimon, it’s so adorable! A roasted sweet potato! His face is so adorable and I love how Young Hunters used a lot of fan created Digimon. He’s happy, he’s wearing gloves, and he’s ready to run a little street food cart!

I really love the potato puns that potato-themed Digimon get; 芋 (imo) means potato, so we have ‘jyagamo’ (being Jyagamon) and ‘yakiimo’ (being Yakiimon) which is potato and baked potato respectively. The writers tend to have fun with any word that ends with ‘mo’ when creating Digimon.

So, what’s the dumbest Digimon design starting with ‘Y’ according to you?

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