ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: D is For…

So many Ds in the title this time! This was the easiest and the hardest choice I’ve ever made.

D is For…


digimon ABCs of Dumb Digimon Designs: D is For... ABCs of Digimon

I did say that dumb designs didn’t necessarily mean designs I didn’t like or thought were bad!
I didn’t want to pick him because I love him, but his design is just so…bizarre?

We know that Digimon tends to have weird evolution choices, but going cute cartoon bear -> grizzly bear -> giant penguin with icy poles is just wacky.
He appears to be something that can be used as a tank in Xros Wars and people seem to forget about his existence surprisingly often.
One of the reason I enjoyed Xros Wars is that it would feature Digimon who already had designs (and, in some cases, had had designs for years) and finally animate them. Even if you haven’t watched Xros Wars, you should try to at least watch the parts he’s in – his expressions are just incredible. It’s all on CrunchyRoll in Japanese with English subtitles.

He’s hilarious, adorable, dumb, has a confusing evolution path, and I love him. I wish we got the hybrid evolutions for the four non-main characters in Frontier, or, at least, give Tomoki his.

So, what’s the dumbest Digimon design starting with ‘D’ according to you?

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