A different kind of doggiemons!

Inspired by episode 115 of @lostintranslationmon, in which @airdramon, bless their heart, described Masaru as “basically an angry little dog”. This was such a wonderful image that, given my previous experience of drawing characters as dogs, I just had to make it exist. Plus additional larger calmer Tohma dog, to show by contrast just how little and angry Masaru is.

Masaru is based off a Jack Russell, which I previously only vaguely knew as “that smallish angry dog breed”, but the more research I did about their personalities, the more I realised that it is absolutely perfect for him. Tohma is mostly golden retriever, which are known to be calm and highly intelligent, with a bit of shiba inu in there because he is supposed to be a European/Japanese crossbreed, after all.



What are your thoughts?