Digimon Halloween Special 39 – Smashing Pumpkinmons

Digimon Halloween Special
Special 39 – Smashing Pumpkinmons
Digimon Halloween Special Podcast 2019 – Out on The Town

May and Bray watch Episode 33 of Adventure in English to celebrate Halloween – Brady gets overly attached to a pumpkin, makes fun of almost every dubbed voice, and almost wants to watch more. Almost.

May and Bray then have a surprisingly lengthy discussions about pumpkins and Brady wants his new favourite monsters to come back from the shadow realm.

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone, and enjoy our coverage of ‘Out on the Town’.

Also, fun and extremely fitting fact – this is actually post 666 on this blog! Happy Halloween!

Another fun fact? The next episode will be episode 300 – I have no idea how to celebrate, so if you’ve got ideas, I’d love to hear them!


As a brief update, I’ve updated the release schedule to reflect some upcoming holidays that I have planned, so check it out if you’d like to know about the episodes I have planned.

I had to shift around some things as I was unsure if I could get the Digimon Halloween special released, so originally the next novel reading was meant to be a pseudo-Halloween special, so I’m now updated the schedule to reflect this.

You’ve probably noticed that the next two novel parts have already been recorded and released to our supporters on Patreon – these episodes are all good to go, so it means I can take a break for a few weeks.

I’ll be back to recording episodes soon in any case! But, for now, please enjoy this year’s Digimon Halloween special of the podcast!

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Digimon Halloween Special 39 – Smashing Pumpkinmons