We just finished recording our final episode covering Digimon Next!

We’ll be sending out the unedited recording to all backers pledging $10 or more per month shortly!

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Podcast update

May’s all moved in, a desk has been built, PC is set up, internet is connected…and away we go!
May will be sending out the unedited file for backers pledging $10+ per month on Patreon shortly. May just needs to merge the file and then save it.
The updated version will be up eventually. May needs to sleep.
Here are some previews!
There are three types of people…2018-01-29 22_13_32-Desktop
When the squad so in-sync you don’t even need to merge files.
2018-01-29 22_16_16-May

NEXT Digimon Manga Podcast Special

Happy news! I am set to record our first Digimon Next podcast episode Friday night! Meaning that the episode should be out and edited Saturday morning for the usual release time.
As for future releases, I’ll try to make it so there’s SOMETHING out at the normal release time.
I’m also considering doing special Postmon Pat episodes and possibly quick DigiNews/Lost in NewsLatelymon episodes every so often (weekly?) since we won’t have Jay back until mid/late Feb for our first coverage of Xros Wars.
— May

Release Schedule update! – Digimon Next Podcast

Just one more delay (sorry!).
Since we released five podcasts in five days last week and both May and Jay are pretty busy on Monday and Tuesday nights this week, we will be pushing back our first Next coverage by one week and we’ll be recording this weekend (hopefully).
Sorry again for the delay. We’ve both been pretty busy. Everything else should remain the same!
You can check out our full release schedule here!
2018-01-08 10_15_01-SMOnline (Running) - Microsoft Visual Studio