The Digimon DigiBattler Agumon - Playing with Yourself?

The Digimon DigiBattler Agumon – Playing with Yourself?

The Digimon DigiBattler
(aka Playing with Yourself)

Racking up the necessary battles to evolve your Digimon to perfect was fairly hard to do as a kid unless you owned two devices or had friends with devices, but fear not! Bandai released a solution to this problem.

In this video, I’ll outline what the Digimon DigiBattler is and how it overcomes the battle requirement problem in the 99 virtual pets.

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Let’s see how effective an episode aimed to hit nostalgia buttons is…

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agumon  agumon

In Episode 45 of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, briefly Agumon appears in the same animation style as in Digimon Adventure and it’s beautiful.