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Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digital Monster X

A new fortnight means a brand new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time, to celebrate the release of the second version of the Digital Monster X, participants rose a Digital Monster X2!

There was also a tournament for Digimon 0NL1NE which was really great fun, each tournament entrant could raise up to three monsters to be able to fight in a 3v3 battle.

My version 2 devices arrived just a day before the hatch started, so I was excited to start. I own both releases of each version, but for the hatch, I just rose my X2s, but my thoughts are more or less the same for the first version as well.

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Digimon 0NL1NE

Digimon 0NL1NE Review – How to Fight Virtual Pets Online

I’ve mentioned the DigiHatches that are currently running, but a really great side event for these DigiHatches are the tournaments, but how do these battles take place with so many participants across the world? With a little help from Digimon 0NL1NE, all this is possible – what’s better is that this only costs around 30AUD!

Thanks to the likes of bludragon1220, BladeSabre, humulos, and countless others, the idea of being able to fight in online tournaments with our Digimon is no longer just a fantasy, but something you can easily do!

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digimon evolutions that do not make sense

5 Bizarre Digimon Evolutions That Do Not Make Sense

I wanted to post predictions for the new Digimon Adventure TV series in a similar style to the Kizuna that I posted last week, but after, playing some Digimon ReArise over the weekend,I wanted to write about my favourite Digimon evolutions that do not make sense.

Obviously I won’t include any low hanging fruit like Tailmon to Angewomon and Patamon to Angemon, I’ll be trying to pull up some lesser known weird ones.

Digimon Evolutions That Do Not Make Sense

While a lot of evolutions do follow a theme such as element or family/tribe, there are a few Digimon that have questionable evolutions and evolution paths, so I’ve picked out five that are just a little weird.

Gomamon’s Mervamon (Digimon ReArise)

Digimon Evolutions That Do not Make Sense

Gomamon to Frigimon I can see (kind of), Frigimon to Monzaemon I can understand, Monzaemon to Mervamon is a bit of a jump – are they implying that Mervamon is inside the teddy bear costume? In general, looking at Gomamon and looking at Mervamon, you would not be able to see any collection, so while you can argue it makes a small amount of sense in terms of each small step, it’s still one of those Digimon evolutions that do not make sense for me.

Palmon to Coelamon (Digital Monster Version 4)

Digimon Evolutions That Do not Make Sense

The fourth version of the Digital Monster virtual pets had some interesting Digimon evolutions that do not make sense completely; I kind of adore how Piyomon can evolve into Monochromon and both Palmon and Piyomon can evolve into Leomon. It only kind of makes sense in a weird way.

However, Palmon evolving to Coelamon is pretty bizarre – a ground flower to a fish? Sure Digimon, that makes sense.

Tentomon to Sealsdramon (Digimon Accel: Evil)

Digimon Evolutions That Do not Make Sense

I love the Accels, it really gives us a few lesser known or underrated Digimon to raise. This evolution feels like a strange species jump in the same way Palmon – Coelamon felt. Bug to army dog?

It’s just a strange jump, but I’m glad to see love for Tentomon and Sealsdramon is pretty cool, so why not, I’m sure some logic can be argued for this evolution.

Candmon Submarimon Path (Digimon Accel: Ultimate)

Digimon Evolutions That Do not Make Sense

This is a weird evolution in the same way Palmon to Coelamon was a weird one; Candmon is fire and evolves into a Digimon that can swim rather well? I don’t understand.

Candlemon has a few great evolutions that make sense; Meramon is an obvious one, but evolving to Wizarmon from Candmon has always been one of my favourites. However, I just cannot see Candmon evolving to Submarimon when they only thing the two Digimon have in common are the fact that they are both white in colour.

Armadillomon MarineAngemon Path (Digimon ReArise)

Digimon Evolutions That Do not Make Sense

Okay, this one is a weird one, Armadillomon to Ankylomon is obviously fine as that’s a natural evolution and Pixiemon to MarineAngemon is fine because they’re both pink, small, and have wings, but Ankylomon to Pixiemon and Armadillomon having an evolution that ends in MarineAngemon? That’s a weird choice. I guess their..face is the same (green eyes and Armadillomon has wing like ears)?

What are the weirdest Digimon revolutions that do not make sense for you? Let me know!

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5 Strange Digimon Sprites That Differ From Their Art

I’ve been on a bit of a virtual pet kick again lately – I’m running 7 virtual pets and acting like it’s a completely normal thing to do. While some sprites are really accurate, I’ve noticed there are a few strange Digimon sprites that really do not match the Digimon it’s meant to represent.

I was able to easily find a huge list of strange Digimon sprites or sprites that somehow differ from their art, so I thought I’d share five of these now.

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Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digimon Pendulum Progress

A new fortnight means a new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time participants can raise either a Digimon Pendulum Progress or the Pendulum X.

I have all versions of both devices, but honestly have not played either as both are fairly annoying, demanding, and difficult, but for this hatch, I chose the Digimon Pendulum Progress: Dragon’s Roar, because, as humulos of the DDC accurately described it; “Pendulum Progress: At least it’s not the Pendulum X!”

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5 Unpopular and Unique Digimon Virtual Pets

I’m a pretty big fan of virtual pets, especially Digimon ones. I often get asked about my favourite virtual pet, which is always a hard decision (however, I usually answer with the Digital Monster Ver 20th).

However, there are a few items in my collection that I may not use much, but have a soft spot for, as these are the lesser known and more unique Digimon virtual pets, however, nobody really talks to them because, they’re well, lesser known and unique Digimon virtual pets that are unpopular or lesser known because of being a limited release or an awkwardly timed release, or just, for some reason, aren’t that popular.

So that’s why I’ve decided to write a bit of a run down on some of the unpopular or otherwise lesser known-about and possibly more unique Digimon virtual pets that are out there.

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Tamagotchi Compatible Phone

Awesome 3-in-1 Tamagotchi Compatible Phone – Fujitsu ARROWS

I love playing with my Tamagotchis, but after awhile things always get a little stale. I was impressed with the longevity of the Meets and M!X, but prior to that, the content seemed thin.

There are people such as Mr Blinky that has created extra content for the older colour-tamas, but one requires an IR transmitter to send the files, so I started searching for a Tamagotchi compatible phone order to be able to add content such as characters, wallpapers, and toys by simply transferring some pre-made content, and then, thanks to Fuzzy N Chic, I was able to find an affordable old phone that ticked all the boxes and soon I was able to have a Tamagotchi compatible phone in my hot little hands!

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