5 Unpopular and Unique Digimon Virtual Pets

I’m a pretty big fan of virtual pets, especially Digimon ones. I often get asked about my favourite virtual pet, which is always a hard decision (however, I usually answer with the Digital Monster Ver 20th).

However, there are a few items in my collection that I may not use much, but have a soft spot for, as these are the lesser known and more unique Digimon virtual pets, however, nobody really talks to them because, they’re well, lesser known and unique Digimon virtual pets that are unpopular or lesser known because of being a limited release or an awkwardly timed release, or just, for some reason, aren’t that popular.

So that’s why I’ve decided to write a bit of a run down on some of the unpopular or otherwise lesser known-about and possibly more unique Digimon virtual pets that are out there.

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Tamagotchi Compatible Phone

Awesome 3-in-1 Tamagotchi Compatible Phone – Fujitsu ARROWS

I love playing with my Tamagotchis, but after awhile things always get a little stale. I was impressed with the longevity of the Meets and M!X, but prior to that, the content seemed thin.

There are people such as Mr Blinky that has created extra content for the older colour-tamas, but one requires an IR transmitter to send the files, so I started searching for a Tamagotchi compatible phone order to be able to add content such as characters, wallpapers, and toys by simply transferring some pre-made content, and then, thanks to Fuzzy N Chic, I was able to find an affordable old phone that ticked all the boxes and soon I was able to have a Tamagotchi compatible phone in my hot little hands!

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Virtual Pets 5 Unpopular and Unique Digimon Virtual Pets Virtual Pets

5 Ideas For Virtual Pet Transport

A year ago, I posted about my storage solution for my virtual pets now that I had moved out of my childhood home and could no longer have them on display. It also makes virtual pet transport easier than having them all loose.

This solution is still great, but besides the Tactix 3 Piece Interlocking Organiser that I mentioned in the original post, it’s not really the most portable of solutions – especially if you just want to carry around a few devices.

So I thought I’d give a run down on a few ways to travel with a few Digimon and keep them safe! NO CRAFTING REQUIRED!

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