Tamagotchi Compatible Phone

Awesome 3-in-1 Tamagotchi Compatible Phone – Fujitsu ARROWS

I love playing with my Tamagotchis, but after awhile things always get a little stale. I was impressed with the longevity of the Meets and M!X, but prior to that, the content seemed thin.

There are people such as Mr Blinky that has created extra content for the older colour-tamas, but one requires an IR transmitter to send the files, so I started searching for a Tamagotchi compatible phone order to be able to add content such as characters, wallpapers, and toys by simply transferring some pre-made content, and then, thanks to Fuzzy N Chic, I was able to find an affordable old phone that ticked all the boxes and soon I was able to have a Tamagotchi compatible phone in my hot little hands!

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