digimon digital monster X

Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digital Monster X

A new fortnight means a brand new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time, to celebrate the release of the second version of the Digital Monster X, participants rose a Digital Monster X2!

There was also a tournament for Digimon 0NL1NE which was really great fun, each tournament entrant could raise up to three monsters to be able to fight in a 3v3 battle.

My version 2 devices arrived just a day before the hatch started, so I was excited to start. I own both releases of each version, but for the hatch, I just rose my X2s, but my thoughts are more or less the same for the first version as well.

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Digimon 0NL1NE

Digimon 0NL1NE Review – How to Fight Virtual Pets Online

I’ve mentioned the DigiHatches that are currently running, but a really great side event for these DigiHatches are the tournaments, but how do these battles take place with so many participants across the world? With a little help from Digimon 0NL1NE, all this is possible – what’s better is that this only costs around 30AUD!

Thanks to the likes of bludragon1220, BladeSabre, humulos, and countless others, the idea of being able to fight in online tournaments with our Digimon is no longer just a fantasy, but something you can easily do!

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