Sad Podcast Update

This is not an update that anybody wants to have. So I’ll try to make this brief.

Unfortunately, Jay and I have separated as partners.

We are still friends and will still do the podcast, but the schedule will change.

From Xros Wars coverage onwards the podcast will be published fortnightly.
We will cover the remainder of Serial Experiments Lain all in one go and release each episode in between the Xros Wars coverage.
As for our Digimon manga podcast coverage, I will continue with a guest, starting from Digimon Next. There are few people I have in mind that I think would make excellent contributors to the show.
However, this will mean another delay to our Digimon manga coverage.

Once Lain and then the Manga coverage are both over, May will try to get more Let’s Plays and streams out weekly either Friday night or Saturday morning AU time.

We apologise that we can’t continue being a weekly podcast, but will endeavour to continue to produce a quality show for you to enjoy.

Thank you all for your patience and support.