6 thoughts on “Weekly Poll

  1. Maimishou says:

    Kouji/Koji. When it comes to burgers I usually just eat the meat patty and ignore the rest of the burger. Kouji/Koji’s is mostly fruit so I feel like if I could remove the buns, wash the fruit off, and put it in a bowl that it’d be decent. There’s no way to salvage Takuya’s burger because it’s meat combined with a bunch of other stuff.

  2. Chakmon says:

    Kouji! The Seafood Burger with squid ink sauce looked soooo disgusting, but the Rainbow Burger looked outta sight! (I also give Takuya credit for the Burning Spirit Burger, super spicy and his excited presentation was precious!) I love how different Takuya and Kouji are… (ship!)

  3. Hiro Alato says:

    I am abit sad that you didn’t put the actual best burger the pizza burger but i will go with the one that is full of meaty goodness that takuya made

  4. sp says:

    Takuya’s burgers seem edible and i like meat so i voted for him. I think Kouji’s bizzare burgers was meant to show as that even the cool loner guy isn’t perfect and has some weird percks, but because its only about food, it doesn’t take of his overall coolness

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