6 thoughts on “Weekly Poll

  1. Riku Reimei says:

    Personally I love Kotemon more. Not sure why though, maybe it’s because I just like characters with a personality that contrasts it’s appearance?

  2. Hiro Alato says:

    I will go with kotemon cause he was my main dude of digimon world 3 aka the one that was part of the pack that got me the furthest in that insane game

  3. sp says:

    I voted for kumamon becasue i always considered him a plausible choice for a partner digimon of a new alternative digimon series or a fanfic. Though i feel bad having to choose between them since they were budies in the film

  4. MetalMamemon says:

    How is Kumamon not winning?
    He’s a bear wearing a cap, you can’t ask for anything else honestly. I’m beary upset about this

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