Give MC Peapod a Grammy for the DigiRap: The Best, Dullest, and Worst Digimon Movies

Maybe. Maybe.

It’s time to talk about the Digimon movies (not including Tri, I already did that).
I want to point out I’ll be mainly talking about the original releases – so the Digimon Movie is three movies now.
However, I will mention that the Digimon Movie soundtrack is the most amazing movie soundtrack ever.
Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
I will die for this movie.
It’s my favourite, I love it to bits. The plot is so good Mamoru Hasoda did it again with Summer Wars and then Digimon Adventure did it again with Diaboramon Strikes Back.
It’s quick, it’s fun, it shows events that happened after the first season of Digimon, it’s just really enjoyable!
It’s not perfect by any means
Digimon Adventure 02: Hurricane Touchdown
Goddamit this sure was a fever dream to watch – the music, the colours, the movement, the animation..everything.
I didn’t hate it but it was so dull the English dub version was about a third of the length of it and only removed a small and unnecessary plot point involving the Adventure Chosen.
It has a great idea but it just feels lacking in a lot of regards. It could have been better, it wasn’t bad, it was just…dull?
No contest here. It has an idea but it just seems to go on for too longer without any explanations and just random scenes.
It’s just not good and feels like a bad fan project.
This is sad because Dorumon is actually a really cool Digimon.
This movie is meant to be stand alone but it doesn’t mean much unless you know about Digimon lore, The Royal Knights, Yggdrasil (and where they came from), and X Antibodies.
So what movies did you love, hate, and just think was ‘okay’?
Now we’ve finished all seasons of Digimon as well as the movies, next time I’ll be covering the best, dullest, and worst episodes/chapters/movies overall.
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