Episode 130 and apologies from Australia

Apologies for the birds and then cicadas in Episode 130. We started the podcast around 8pm so the birds did stop and we did close the windows after the cicadas started being  too loud so hopefully it’s not a huge problem! 
Obnoxious Synopsis will be FULL of cicadas though. 
Future summertime recordings will be done at Jay’s house as he has aircon to avoid the problem. 
Hopefully episode 130 will still be enjoyable despite the very loud Australian wildlife. 

Episode 130 Weekly Poll

Can you help with May's Living Dex in Pokemon?

Is it even okay to post about Pokemon on a Digimon blog???
Can you help with May’s Living Dex in Pokemon Moon? May wants to complete the dex before starting up Pokemon Moon.
May has competitive lvl1 Horseas, Drilburs, Bagons, and Gibles to trade for any of the below Pokemon. The highest priority are Alolan Pokemon or Pokemon from the Alolan dex.
Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!
Milotic (using shiny one)
Persian (Alolan)
Marowak (Alolan)
Sandslash (Alolan)
Ninetails (Alolan)
Silvally (using my shiny one)