Recreating the Digimon Pop-up Cafe Menu items: Tentomon’s “What’s Up?” Cassis Oolong Drink and Palmon’s Fluttery Flower Drink

It’s time to try out some more Digimon pop-up cafe menu items!
2017-10-28 17.48.29

Firstly, for Tentomon’s “What’s Up?” Cassis Oolong Drink, as I couldn’t find Cassis syrup in the shops (or any blackcurrent syrup for that matter), so I settled on blackcurrent jam squished and mixed up. For the oolong tea I used T2’s loose leaf Grand China Oolong Tea.
The results were honestly surprising; the bitterness of both the blackcurrents and the oolong tea went really well together and that added sweetness from the blackcurrents made it almost like a really nice sweet ice tea. Honestly I think I’d make this again. It was really rather nice. It could’ve been different with the syrup but I thought this was ‘close enough’ (as with the majority of my recreations).

2017-10-28 12.54.23

Next up, we have Palmon’s Fluttery Flower Drink. Syrups are apparently really hard to find in usual supermarkets here so I didn’t use syrup in this one so I used the closest thing I had to green syrup – Midori. I used lemonade as the ‘clear soda’ as I know that Midori and lemoande go well together, and, of course, I topped it with Strawberry icecream and some chocolate powder. This was really, really nice and it was a nice snack.

I’m having the day off today because of a minor surgical procedure which will mean I will have a numb arm for today so I’m considering trying out Piyomon’s Sweet-Strawberry Drink later on today if I have time!

Let me know if there are any particular menu items I should try next (assuming I have the ability and the ingredients)

Stay tuned I guess!

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