Ghosts of Halloween Special Past?

Last year we covered Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Episode 4 as well as the Baha Men Digimon song ‘It’s Spooky In Here’. You can listen to this episode here!
Of course, this year, we just released our regular Lain coverage for Halloween…Does that even count as 2spoopy?
This year, May did some cosplaying (even though we don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia): May came to work as Hiro from Digimon World , went to a dress up party at the roller rink as Taichi from Digimon Adventure, and, a few weeks ago, cosplayed as Toko from Dangan Ronpa for a Halloween party!
Did anybody else do anything fun?

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We’re recording earlier this week because we’re going to MadFest this weekend and we want the episode to come out and be edited at the usual time so we’re recording Wednesday and May will be editing Thursday!
We’ll be also uploading our Serial Experiments Lain Layer 08 coverage one day earlier (Tuesday) to allow us to record on Wednesday. This will also act as our Halloween episode as nobody sent in spooky Digimon stories.
You have less than 48 hours to give us any feedback for episode 126 and to answer this week’s weekly poll which you can find here!

Recreating the Digimon Pop-up Cafe Menu items: Tentomon's "What's Up?" Cassis Oolong Drink and Palmon's Fluttery Flower Drink

It’s time to try out some more Digimon pop-up cafe menu items!
2017-10-28 17.48.29
Firstly, for Tentomon’s “What’s Up?” Cassis Oolong Drink, as I couldn’t find Cassis syrup in the shops (or any blackcurrent syrup for that matter), so I settled on blackcurrent jam squished and mixed up. For the oolong tea I used T2’s loose leaf Grand China Oolong Tea.
The results were honestly surprising; the bitterness of both the blackcurrents and the oolong tea went really well together and that added sweetness from the blackcurrents made it almost like a really nice sweet ice tea. Honestly I think I’d make this again. It was really rather nice. It could’ve been different with the syrup but I thought this was ‘close enough’ (as with the majority of my recreations).
2017-10-28 12.54.23
Next up, we have Palmon’s Fluttery Flower Drink. Syrups are apparently really hard to find in usual supermarkets here so I didn’t use syrup in this one so I used the closest thing I had to green syrup – Midori. I used lemonade as the ‘clear soda’ as I know that Midori and lemoande go well together, and, of course, I topped it with Strawberry icecream and some chocolate powder. This was really, really nice and it was a nice snack.
I’m having the day off today because of a minor surgical procedure which will mean I will have a numb arm for today so I’m considering trying out Piyomon’s Sweet-Strawberry Drink later on today if I have time!
Let me know if there are any particular menu items I should try next (assuming I have the ability and the ingredients)
Stay tuned I guess!

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