3 thoughts on “Episode 119 Weekly Poll

  1. elyvorg says:

    Aquilamon would be fine for Piyomon’s line if Hawkmon didn’t exist. But Aquilamon is so clearly designed to be Hawkmon’s evolution that as soon as you know that, it becomes weird seeing it evolve from anything else. So even though I like Aquilamon more than Birdramon, I’m going for Birdramon here. (The bottom line is that Digimon evolution lines don’t make any goddamn sense. This is a problem throughout all of Digimon that is not specific to Savers.)

    While we’re here talking about Digibirds, I like Peckmon’s design, fight me.


  2. Kyle says:

    I do prefer Aquilamon to Garudamon as a evolution line, but the problem becomes that Piyomon to Aquilamon just isn’t as good as Hawkmon to Aquilamon. It would have hurt nothing to have Puu-chan be a Hawkmon, but having a Piyomon feels lazy on Savers’ behalf


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