4 thoughts on “Episode 106 Weekly Poll

  1. Chakmon says:

    Swanmon is stupid… another random selection from the Digimon Frontier committee whos only background research on the franchise is a poster of all Digimon hanging in their office and saying “well, that one looks like it could be ‘motherly’, let’s use her”


  2. smilewolfy says:

    Elecmon is better. He takes a while to trust outsiders (Takeru and Patamon), while Swanmon is easily trusting of the children just by hearing them say they don’t mean any harm.

    Yeah I wouldn’t leave my kids with her.


  3. Hiro Alato says:

    I will just go with Elecmon besides a better design he was there to defend the children first and not let some random outsiders touch them did i mention he looked better?


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