5 thoughts on “Weekly Poll

  1. Riku Reimei says:

    Honestly, I like Agunimon for his design and element the most, but I’m honestly split between him and Chakkumon’s sass.. I guess Agunimon wins in my book overall.


  2. sp says:

    Wolfmon! After rewatching the series i came to like Koji a lot and thinking he is way more than a Matt clone, and Wolfmon has a lot to do with it since he always has cool moves and fights, and i always favour the light or holy character of each season


  3. Chakmon says:

    Fairimon! I love you Chakmon! Wolfmon is cool! And Mercuremon is probably the best (mirrors are magical) But Fairimon wins for her Love Tap “attack.” Now THAT’S power!


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