May is far too excited for multiple reasons in this episode of Lost in Translationmon and Jay is unimpressed and underwhelmed by the first episode we cover and impressed by the second. There is more screentime for Airdramon, we talk about some missed opportunities and we get our first Patreon suggested segments.

Thank you to our Patrons StephenPatamon,Wuqinglong, MetalMamemon, Joe, Thunder, and Penguinmage! Become a Patron for as little as a dollar per month and we’ll love you forever.


  • Intro: 0.0.0-0.0.39
  • Obnoxious Synopsis: 0.0.40-0.08.00
  • DigiNews: 0.08.01-0.14.25
  • Postmon Pat: 0.14.26-0.33.26
  • I will Show You DigiWorld: 0.33.27-0.38.21
  • Rumble Arena: 0.38.22-0.49.35
  • Passing of the Digi-Torch: 0.49.36-0.59.00
  • Episode 11 Discussion: 0.59.01-1.25.27
  • Episode 11 Opinions: 1.25.28-1.31.04
  • Episode 12 Discussion: 1.31.05-1.50.39
  • Episode 12 Opinions: 1.51.40-1.56.35
  • Episode 11 and 12 Opinions: 1.56.36-1.59.17
  • Outro (and excerpt from Skype call with Stephen): 1.59.18-2.02.15


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