May gets excited over more screentime for Airdramon while a Digimon bad guy does something actually smart for once and Jay enjoys that. We continue our streak of higher-rated episodes and May is still confused about whether liquid in this show it water, lava or wet fire.

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  • Intro: 0.0.0-0.0.37
  • Obnoxious Synopsis: 0.0.38-0.12.13
  • Postmon Pat: 0.12.14-0.41.00
  • I will show you DigiWorld: 0.41.01-0.45.21
  • Episode 9 Discussion: 0.45.22-1.04.11
  • Episode 9 Opinions: 1.04.12-1.09.18
  • Episode 10 Discussion: 1.09.19-1.26.49
  • Episode 10 Opinions: 1.26.50-1.29.35
  • Episode 9 and 10 Opinions: 1.29.36-1.31.41
  • Outro: 1.31.42-1.33.12


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