May and Jay dive into the Digimon Wonderswan games, Jay gets confused, May keeps getting Ryu and Ryo confused thanks to Jay, and minds are blown.

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  • Intro: 0.0-0.52
  • Digimon Adventure Anode/Cathode Tamer: 0.53-8.57
  • Digimon Adventure 02 Tag Tamers: 8.58-15.29
  • Digimon Adventure 02 D-1 Tamers: 15.30-20.20
  • Digimon Tamers Brave Tamer: 20.21-31.10
  • Outro: 31.11-39.50


Hi, I appreciate the plug! However, the TV Tropes entry has a few inaccuracies which come out of a 14-year-old misinterpretation/error of haste. The door to Millenniumon’s world in Tag Tamers is not opened by the pieces of the digimental of Desire, but by matching the number of rounds Ken beats Millenniumon to the number of rounds Ryo had beat Millenniumon in a previous battle. So if Ryo took 9 rounds to beat him, Ken has to hold off on beating him for 9 rounds. Which is tougher than it sounds because Millenniumon has the ability to reset battles. 

Also, there’s only two Reload Machines; one on Ken’s side of the split Digital World, one on Ryo’s. They can only be accessed through Gennai’s and Piccolomon’s homes. 

The use of “=“ in Moon-Millenniumon is actually supposed to be a hyphenate. This is used in Japanese to differentiate from the ー, which elongates a vowel sound in hiragana/katakana. In Japanese, Moon-Millenniumon is given as ムーン=ミレニアモン, so yeah, it does need some differentiation. 

Re: The ENIAC. Ryo was actually sent pretty far back in time. The ENIAC was decommissioned in 1955, so he would have been sent back to anywhere between 1946 and 1955.

I’m not sure where the TV Tropes writer got the idea that the full force of ZiydMillenniumon’s army was sent to capture Culumon, as it’s Impmon doing the capturing. Millenniumon’s army is occupied with stomping out resistance fighters in each universe up until Ryo comes up to distract Millenniumon and Mille’s minions call him out on the sudden switch in priorities.

A lot of what follows the blue field text (”

The consequences of Millenniumon releasing Apocalymon, aka “How Millenniumon Fucked Up The Digimon Adventure Universe”

”) is speculation and probably shouldn’t be presented as what actually happens. 

Also, as an aside, Millenniumon’s partnership with Ryo has pretty much been foreshadowed since Tag Tamers. 

I just thought I’d bring these things up because I’m not a big fan of misinformation. 

Reblogging for ajora’s comment. Thank you very much for pointing out the misinformation. 🙂

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