May and Jay are on a hunt for Wallace in this episode! We talk about dated technology references, physics, strange changes like beef shakes and bizarre nameplate love letters, and wars that take place during Summer.

Thank you to Firstagent on tumblr for our intro and outro music and to our Patrons Stephen Patamon, Wuchinglong and MetalMamemon! 
Become a Patron for as little as a dollar per month and we’ll love you forever.


  • Intro: 0.0.0-0.1.24
  • Postmon Pat: 0.1.25-0.11.53
  • Our War Game Discussion: 0.11.54-0.51.14
  • Our War Game Opinions: 0.51.15-0.59.41
  • Summer Wars Discussion and Opinions: 0.59.42-1.16.14
  • Our War Game and Summer Wars Opinions: 1.16.15-1.19.21
  • Outro: 1.19.22-1.22.04


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