We try to rewrite adventure while Matt is being annoying, we learn that nothing is explained until the novels, we try to compare Digimon with Pokemon, and are puzzled by spherical objects being placed in hot young old men.


  • Intro: 0.0.0-0.0.30
  • Obnoxious Synopsis: 0.0.31-0.6.58
  • DigiNews: 0.6.59-0.7.33
  • Postmon Pat: 0.7.34-0.40.01
  • Episode 44 Discussion: 0.40.01-1.06.16
  • Episode 44 Opinions: 1.06.17-1.15.53
  • Episode 45 Discussion: 1.15.54-1.37.05
  • Episode 45 Opinions: 1.37.06-1.44.17
  • Episode 44 and 44 Opinions: 1.44.18-1.46.33
  • Outro: 1.46.34-1.48.17


Editor’s Note:

Jay had network problems and since he records both of our voices sometimes the audio quality on my side dips in and out. Apologies, just blame the dark network of Etemon. 🙂

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