Episodes 34 and 35 where we meet the best Digimon character ever (Phantommon), we find out about the ‘secret battles between Digimon’, we finally learn that Hikari is the 8th child (SHOCK), Gatomon is a cat, Mimi’s little brother is with her pet dog, and May races against battery life during a lighting round of ‘Digimon, Digital Designs’.

Sorry if some bits seemed rushed. We were a bit rushed for time and my battery was dying.


  • Intro: 0.00.00-0.1.16
  • Obnoxious Synopsis: 0.1.17-0.12.09
  • I will Show You DigiWorld: 0.12.10-0.23.30
  • Postmon Pat: 0.23.31-0.46.09
  • Episode 34 Discussion: 0.46.10-0.59.32
  • Episode 34 Opinions: 0.59.33-1.05.24
  • Episode 35 Discussion: 1.05.25-1.21.31
  • Episode 35 Opinions: 1.21.32-1.26.38
  • Episode 34 and 35 Opinions: 1.26.39-1.29.16
  • Outro: 1.29.17-1.30.01


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