We experience more real world shenanigans where children are picked up by grown ups, everybody wants a pet plant doll, we find out that children are meaner in the English version, Koushiro isn’t a normal child, and we decide that Mimi’s baby brother is the ninth Digidestined.


  • Intro: 0.0.00-0.0.48
  • Postmon Pat: 0.0.49-0.16.44
  • I Will Show You DigiWorld: 0.16.45-0.19.00
  • Episode 30 Discussion: 0.19.01-0.49.32
  • Episode 30 Opinions: 0.49.33-0.53.18
  • Episode 31 Discussion: 0.53.19-1.11.34
  • Episode 31 Opinions: 1.11.35-1.15.57
  • Episode 30 and 31 Opinions: 1.15.58-1.17.41
  • Outro: 1.17.42-1.18.48


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