May gets excited over merchandise while Jay seems to enjoy Digimon. We discuss dated references (like Windows 1995 screensavers), Taichi being a leader by making somebody else do the work, Mimi being a bad friend, letting children explore the city on their own, prequel confusion, and, of course, the return of Bolero.

Special thanks to Jeff from Podigious for the microphone recommendation! It’s great!


  • Intro: 0.0.00-0.0.32
  • Postmon Pat: 0.0.33-0.19.50
  • Episode 28: 0.19.51-0.35.55
  • Episode 28 Opinions: 0.35.56-0.41.02
  • Episode 29: 0.41.03-1.01.54
  • Episode 29 Opinions: 1.01.55-1.07.00
  • Episode 28 and 29 Opinions: 1.07.01-1.09.36
  • Outro: 1.09.37-1.10.50


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